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My name is Nancy. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed at age 30 and I am now 67. I've been on every medication that was prescribed during these years, from gold injections weekly to, now, biologics, the big ones. Practically the only ones that have an affect on joint damage and pain. However, I am in pain and fight inflammation and the progression of my disease every day. RA breaks down your body and joints. Not to mention your mental state. I am an avid believer in exercising, eating good foods and resting when necessary. I've had two knee replacements and I walk every day. Of recent I'm in so much pain. I receive, every six weeks infusions, take low dose prednisone, and anti inflammatory medications. I needed something else to help me with pain and inflammation. Then I was introduced to essential oils. Not just any essential oils but organic, specifically prepared for all areas of physical and emotional health. I use only L'essence Essential Oil. They have helped me so much in controlling my pain when everything else has failed. Trust me, after 37 years of every therapy from Gold injections to you name it, these wonderful essential oils do work.