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Diffuser Bracelet - Celtic Charms

Diffuser Bracelet - Celtic Charms

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“I will Love, I will Honor, I will Protect” variant - not necessarily for a spouse, it can be equally applied to a family/clan member, good friend or neighbor. Based on this concept we created a line of Celtic diffuser bracelets, each specially handcrafted to express your unique self.

The Celtic spiral symbolizes perpetual movement. To the ancient Celts all things spiritual were in Nature, and they looked to its symbols for their inspiration, guidance and learning. Hence the spiral symbolized a journey, both physical and spiritual, as in the path from unconsciousness to spiritual wholeness. Likewise Celtic knots are endless paths that represent eternity or continuum. It brings home the concept of love, faith, loyalty, wisdom, strength, courage, eternity and more.

Select your Celtic Charm on Diffuser Bracelet made with Lava Rocks and express the magical you.